FIX - Macbook M1 / M2 Video temporarily freezes with audio continuing

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Macbook M1 and M2 Video playback problem

This is going to be a short post, hopefully fixing your video playback issues. Both of my M-chipped Ventura 13.4 MacBooks, M1 Max and M2 Pro, have this exact same problem, but my older Intel MacBook with lower specs does not. All of these laptops have the same Time Machine backup installed. They are exactly the same devices in terms of setup, apps, extensions, and so on.

So, my limited test group of 3 MacBooks, with 1 Intel and 2 M chips, tells me that there is something wrong with the M chips in terms of audio. Intel Macs do not have this problem. If you are into debugging system apps, this info might be useful. That's why I'm sharing it. Anyways, let's fix the issue.

Fix video playback and audio issue on macbook m1 and M2

Open your Activity Monitor and search for this process: coreaudiod. It will be responding and will seem like everything is working fine, but for some reason, that process is buggy as duck.

Click on it, and click on the X, which is located on the left side of the CPU and Energy tabs. You can't miss it. After that, Force Quit it, click on the X again to Quit it. You may need to do this a few times, but most of the time hitting Force Quit once fixes the issue.

And there you are. Fixed the audio problem. You might need to do this every time your MacBook wakes up from sleep. Hopefully, Apple will fix this bug because I'm tired of sending bug reports on this. This problem started with the Monterey version. Increased security introduced so many bugs that I really miss using Mojave.

This quick and somewhat dirty fix should resolve any type of video playback issues that M1 and M2 Macs experience. Who knows, maybe even M3 Macs will have the same problem.

If I find a better way, I will make sure to post that here as well.