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Increasing the security

iCloud and Find My iPhone are among the best ways to secure and lock your device in case of a compromise. iPhones are expensive, and since Apple doesn't sell genuine parts to most repair shops, even broken ones are worth a pretty penny. Especially the newer models are in high demand, so it doesn't take long to sell an iPhone on the used market.

iClock is a good way to lock your device if it's stolen or lost, but there are ways to get around it, which we won't discuss here. I will teach you several ways to secure your iPhone beyond the casual user so that, in the event of a compromise, all of your data and apps will be safe from any threat actor.

I'll start with easy ways to improve security and then move on to more advanced methods.


Always use an eSIM. In case of a compromise, a threat actor can remove your physical SIM card, resulting in your device being disconnected from the mobile network. This limits your ability to remotely connect to your device and track it. If your mobile operator offers eSIM functionality, it's recommended to get an eSIM. This feature is available on iPhone models XS, XR, and newer. Setting it up is easy and simple. Just visit your local shop or contact customer service. The entire setup process typically takes less than 10 minutes and is usually free of charge.

Turn on Find My Iphone

Settings -> AppleID image

Find My image

Apply these settings image

Find My iPhone works even if your device is off, so having an eSIM is recommended. If your device is stolen, the first thing a thief usually does is remove the SIM card. Having an eSIM ensures that your device can still be tracked even without a physical SIM card.

Disable Control Center

When the screen is locked, we want to disable the Control Center Access.

This is the Control Center: image

To disable the Control Center

Go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode image Scroll all the way down and disable these: To enhance security, disable unnecessary functions or features. While Siri may currently be useless, future improvements are expected. Consider disabling Siri when the screen is locked for added security. image

Doing just this and getting an eSIM will improve your security significantly.

Disabling adding, removing accounts, FaceID and changing passcodes.

Apple users are often unaware of this particular feature, as Apple doesn't actively promote it. Unlike Android, Apple prioritizes a streamlined user experience, avoiding an overload of functions. However, this doesn't mean iPhones lack impressive capabilities. In fact, there are numerous hidden settings, and this feature is one of them.

Enabling this setting will:

  • Hide the Face ID & Passcode setting from the menu and new Face ID's cannot be added.
  • You won't be able to add or remove a new email address/accounts
  • You won't be able to click on the Apple ID settings.
  • You won't be able to change passwords.

Go to Settings -> Screen Time image

On this screen, do the following: image

  • Use Screen Time Passcode

During the setup process, you will be prompted to create a 4-digit passcode. After entering the same code twice, you will be asked to log in to your Apple ID as a recovery method.

In the event that you forget your 4-digit PIN, you can reset it from your iCloud account. However, for improved security, I personally don't use or recommend enabling this recovery method.

If you choose not to enable it, simply click on "Cancel" located in the top left corner.

  • Turn on Share Across Devices if you want to enable this on all your Apple devices.

and finally,

  • go to Content & Privacy Restrictions

enable Content & Privacy Restrictions

Scroll all the way down, and disable image

  • Passcode changes
  • Account changes

Passcode protect your AirPlane mode.

Thieves can be creative, so it's important for us to be proactive. This additional security measure adds an extra layer of protection to our device. Remember, when it comes to security, it's never enough.

  • Open Shortcuts app. image
  • Go to Automation and click the + button. image
  • Disable Ask Before Running and Notify When Run.

  • Click on When and select Airplane mode. image

  • Create this flow.

Use the bottom search bar to find these functions.


some users report that Send Message via WhatsApp doesn't work properly. Use SMS instead, which is better and fool proof.

image image

And that's it! By implementing all of these steps, you've taken your security to the next level. The key takeaway from this guide is the importance of using an eSIM instead of a physical SIM card. Without an eSIM, some of these security measures can be easily bypassed.